xConfig.me is a personal website. It’s a “wannabe” knowledge base site. The idea behind it is to, over time, collect instructions and guidelines for setting, configuring and managing different  IT (mostly computer and network) related devices.

xConfig aims to be a solution-giving website for various IT related tasks and demands.

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Targeting software, content found on xConfig can be useful for both professionals and enthusiasts. Instructions and information found on the website do not tend to be academic or universally applicable but they are given for educational purposes. Articles are written from personal experience and they introduce solutions which have proven to be effective and problem-solving in nature.

Experience in a given environment is something that determines the course of actions in a particular guide as well as its effectiveness in other cases with their own setting.

When you follow instructions, please, note that effectiveness and the end result may vary due to possible differences in overall environment and additional factors in play between the case described in an article and the one you can find yourself in.

It is strongly suggested to apply instructions, provided on xConfig.me, in a testing environment and (or) with a previously acquired backup which will enable you to restore the previous state if something goes wrong along the way.

Thank you for the interest you have shown.